Flower-shoot-302Being a hair dresser and being a “great” hairdresser are two very different things.

There are people who do hair because they need a job and people who chose it as a career.

Hair is such a personal thing that defines how we represent ourselves to the public, our family and friends.

I like to call it the piece of clothing or accessory you can’t take off.

I have always had a huge passion for hair since very young age.

 It wasn’t so much the first time I hacked off my fringe or got in trouble at school for playing with the girls hair but more so that first time a friend turned to me and handed me a pair of scissors and said “You can do what ever you want!”.


JoshworkingI was born in Canberra and raised in an extremely Artistic family.  Because we were a large family our mother was delighted that I took on cutting my siblings hair even without prior training.

As soon as I was old enough I moved away to Melbourne to study hair and follow my dream.  15 years on I have travelled, managed hair salons, fashion shows, pJoshihoto shoots and styled celebs.


Now running my own business I feel I’m the luckiest person alive, doing what I love to do.

Through out my years of hairdressing I have constantly developed my skills and updated my work to stay at the peak of current trends.

I also revisited the arts of classic hair in my 4 years away working in the United Kingdom.


sassbrideOne of my greatest passions apart from hair is getting a team together and styling for photo shoots.  The best part is when you get to see the end product of what you have created.  It makes all the hard work worth it.

When I meet with a client for the first time I really like to ask very specific questions on what the client is prepared to do for styling on a daily basis.  This is so important as we don’t all have the same amount of time to dedicate to our hair.

There are many contributing factors that I take into consideration to make sure someone has the best possible style for them.

Not listening to what the client wants is also where I have seen many hairdressers go wrong.

As for Josh Benjamin and the future the sky is the limit.  I will continue to develop and do what I do best creating, being innovative and of course keeping clients hair looking fabulous.  I thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and hope to see you and your hair again soon.